Bouknight Wedding

I was given a fantastic job of capturing Nick and Brielle’s wedding day on video. They were married in October of 2014 at Encantera Country Club in Arizona. My friend PJ Szabo helped with providing a second perspective.

I helped the general manager at Trillium update their website. The original designer created it so it was not easy to update so I made the necessary updates and transitioned it to be easier to update. I also integrated a table reservation application, and designed their email newsletter.



I helped the Eastown Neighborhood Organization develop a more interactive and visually interesting website. They had been using a very old frontpage site that was difficult to work with.

ECA Website 2012

Jubilee Centers International

JCI is a private school in Honduras that I have helped with fundraising campaigns in the states. They also had an old website that I updated to wordpress. We worked on Facebook and Email strategies to be more effective at reaching out to prospective donors.

Jubilee Website